Natural Hair Care Every Day: How to Keep Your Hair Fresh

Published: 26th May 2011
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What exactly goes into making your hair appear healthy and natural every day? Well, for one, youíve got to keep your hair both healthy and natural! Thereís no faking in the world of natural hair, and if youíre serious about ditching the artificial hair world, then that means youíve got to put a little time and effort into making your hair look like itís growing the exact way God intended.

The good news? This doesnít have to be all that hard. Once you establish a daily habit to maintain natural hair - i.e. daily hair care - then youíre going to get into a "groove" that will require very little thought and very little effort. You might even be surprised to find out how good your hair can look when you take care of it every day. Here are just a few ways you can manage that.

First, make sure that you take a shower and wash your hair every day. Keeping it clean will be a great way for your hair to look natural, clean, and attractive without using a ton of artificial products that were never meant to be in your hair in the first place. Natural hair means just that: natural hair. So if you want natural hair that really shines and sits just the way you want it to sit, youíve got to make sure itís not only natural but clean and healthy.

Second, try to find the right amount of natural hair care for you. Whether that means avoiding over-brushing or under-brushing it, or simply learning not to blow-dry it, you have to experiment a little and find out how your hair reacts to different habits. Heck, you might even try taking a few notes and recording what seems to work best for your hair. Once you actually observe what happens on your "good hair days," then you might have a recipe for looking that good and natural every day.

Natural hair care depends on a little time to figure things out. And if youíre ever in doubt, consult someone like your barber or your local beautician for some good natural hair beauty tips.

Third, youíll always want to make sure you avoid the no-noís of natural hair care. In other words, you want to habitually keep your hair clear of artificial products, lifters, and other intrusions that totally eliminate the purpose behind natural hair. Sure, you can get your hair done once in a while and you can keep it clean, but if you go too far above and beyond these natural hair care measures then youíll probably find out you no longer have very natural hair at all.

Itís also important to remember that your hair does have an original color, and itís up to you to make that natural color shine through. Whether that means keeping it clean or simply keeping it trimmed and nicely groomed, a good head of natural hair starts with good attention to detail - and excellent natural hair care.

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